Why we stopped believing in god

When the bible was created, ‘man’ knew very little about the earth.  People thought it was flat.  The stories in the bible talk about Eve tempted by Satan as a snake to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge.  Eve ate it anyway.  And then Adam had some too.  God was angry and banished them from the garden and said “go forth, be fruitful and multiply’.

[Photograph: author unknown, internet images.]

The question is, was that a punishment?  Does that mean that god’s punishment was overpopulation or does it mean that god was basically saying you are not worthy of living in gods garden because you acted like humans?  I am sure there are many pastoral folk who have their opinions.

One possible idea is the belief that somehow to engage in the act of dissecting the world in a scientific way, is a way of separating oneself from the faith, and the belief that things are more stable because of it, means that we have control over our lives because of science.  We can talk about heresy and the salem witch trials all we want,  but that is a very bleak history we do not want to repeat.

Personally, I believe in a good and evil world and that science has not yet caught up to how to explain how good and evil and heaven and hell work.  When it does, that will be an interesting day.

We may have been told to tell our prayers as children, but what happened when we became adolescents and were told that sexual health was dirty and that voyeurism was bad?  What happened when we had impure thoughts that way?  Did we turn against a belief system that has its great points because we just couldn’t stop being human?

As a person who has gone down a spiritual path, I have learned that sexual health is not dirty and I do not believe that god is against that.  Ultimately, what god is against is anything that steals our energy or makes us die.  Anybody or anything that turns against our souls.  In scientific terms, god could be considered ‘the child within’ or the ‘christ within’.  To destroy someone from inside, whether against oneself or being hurt or murdered, is to go against life.  Our first purpose in life is to exist and pursue the state of life.  Everything else comes after.  This is also an extrapolation on evolutionary theory.

So do I believe in doctor-assisted suicide?  This theory would say no.  Do I hate men for watching women or wanting them?  No.  What I do not like is the use of cyberbullying and bullying in general to turn neutral or attractive images into cold sores of embarrassment and guilt which lead to depression.

So who is partly at fault for the death of young women who have been harassed and hurt on the internet?  The abusers and the rest of society for judging her.  We do not have to turn away from the shame we see in ourselves for seeing those images.  We do not have to because those images are not bad.    Don’t forget a lot of cultures walk around practically naked.





We are One. We are Family.

There are many cultures living in Canada, sharing our space.  It is difficult to get along sometimes and we sometimes have trouble letting go of the past.  Our built up insecurities and resentments distance us, and just when we are making headway, the walls go up again and fingers start pointing.

People wonder what side I take, whether it is the farmers or the indigenous people.  They wonder if I am on board for oil, or if I take the side of the global warming crowd.  They wonder if I am conservative or NDP.  Sometimes I take a side on issues, but I am not always wedded to a cause.

One thing I do know is that I am not a radical.  I prefer to be a bridge.  Guess what happens, when everyone tries to cross the bridge at once?  Guess what happens when they try to leave, leaving their anger behind?

I do know one thing.  My life has been a dream up until this point.  Certainly, there have been valleys I have crossed and mountains I have climbed, but in it all I have had the chance to experience something that many people only dream about.  I’ve seen history.

From my great Uncle George’s time with the First Peoples in Ontario to the years of reading historical fiction on native peoples, I have spent my latter years truly focused on the issues that connect an separate us.  Immersing myself in history, while travelling the museums and sites that brought it all to reality, I have learned one thing over the last few decades.  Without the people and the culture that brought me to writing this, I would not have lived the dream.  It would be a shame to lose that history because of our disagreements.

The map to peace is torn into pieces.  In order to reconstruct it, we have to recognize that we are free to hate and free to care.  We are free to remember and we are free to forget.  All that matters really is how we treat each other in the future.

If we want to be family, we will stick together.  If we do not, we will separate and big brother will watch over us.  I choose to find and create a family that will be on my side.  Those that do not want to be a part of it, are free to go home.

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Family of Man – Calgary, AB Copyright 2007 Tuscarora Photography